Terms & conditions

Every effort will be made to carefully and correctly record the items, but it should be noted that our clerks are not experts in materials such as woods, fabrics, antiques or specialized materials, nor qualified property Surveyors.

The descriptions of the items are for identification purposes only so that they can be located and we can establish if the condition has changed between check in and check out.

Heavy items of furniture such as kitchen appliances, sofas, wardrobes and beds, will not be moved by our clerks and take no responsibility for the condition of any flooring underneath or the walls and skirting which surround the item.

Emphasis Inventories will not be responsible for any items which cannot be accessed easily or items which are out of sight, our clerks will not unpack boxes or inspect items which are out of reach.
Lofts & Cellars will not be inspected unless they are converted and safely accessible. Contents will therefore not be noted or checked.

If items are listed as ‘in good order’ it is accepted that they are free from any obvious soiling, fault or damage except where stated.

New items will be described as such when they are in a new building, still in their wrappings or with a receipt.

Our clerks will not be expected to count nor individually describe the number of books, CD’s, DVD’s, plants, cleaning items or miscellaneous items such as screws/nails and maintenance equipment unless specifically instructed to do so by the landlord or Managing Agency.

Electrical items will be tested for power only and we do not guarantee the safety of any such equipment or that they are fully working.

Boilers, Radiators & Water Supply will be tested for power / flow only where feasible and accessible and will not be fully tested. Gas fires will not be tested.

All meter readings will be taken when accessible and must be checked with relevant utility companies as we cannot be held responsible for any discrepancies.

The Fire & Safety Regulations regarding Furnishings, Gas, Electrical and similar services are ultimately the responsibility of the Landlord or managing agent. Where the inventory notes Fire label seen, this should not be interpreted to mean that the item complies with the Furniture & Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) (Amendments) 1993 but is a record that the item had a label as described, or similar to that detailed, in the ‘Guide to the Furniture & Furnishings’ published by the Department of Trade & Industry on January 1997, (or subsequent edition), attached at the time the inventory report was compiled.

Smoke alarms, Co2 alarms: Our clerks carry extendable sticks to test smoke alarms and Carbon monoxide alarms and they will be tested only if there is a test button and the unit is reasonably reachable, the placement of the units remain the responsibility of the landlord or the managing agent. If an alarm is out of reach then our clerks will test them only is a serviceable set of steps / ladder is provided, it is our clerks decision as to the serviceability of the ladder or if they are comfortable climbing this on their own. Chairs, tables and stools etc are not designed nor deemed suitable to stand on. Our clerks will not be expected to open the alarm or unscrew them from the ceiling to

Blinds will be described and listed within the report and checked for functionality. The safety regulations surrounding these remain the responsibility of the landlord or managing agent.

Data Protection
As part of our work, we may be provided with your personal data, in which case Emphasis will be a “data processor”. In respect of such data, Emphasis will comply with the data protection principles under the Data Protection Act 1998 and estate agents’ data protection policies (in so far as they are relevant) in respect of the Processing of your personal data. Emphasis will only undertake processing of personal data as is reasonably required to perform inventories.
Emphasis will not disclose Personal Data to any person other than to employees to whom disclosure is necessary for the performance of the service. Emphasis has in place appropriate technical and organisational measures against the accidental, unauthorised or unlawful processing, destruction, loss, damage or disclosure of your personal data, and adequate security programmes and processes to ensure that unauthorised persons do not have access to it or to any equipment used to process it.

Checking Out
Upon completion of the tenancy the check out takes place.
Our clerks will return to the property and compare contents and conditions to that listed in the inventory and check in.

All of our clerks act within strict guidelines set out by the AIIC (Association of Independent Inventory Clerks) and will assess the property and record any differences, factors such as reasonable wear & tear are taken into account.

We do ask that the property contents are put back into their original location (as described in the inventory) to avoid any confusion. Failure to do this could result in items being listed as missing.
The tenant must be ready to fully vacate the property at the time of the check out unless stated in the contract or agreed with the landlord or managing agent.
During the check out our clerks will be checking the following:
We will be checking for missing items, soiling, stains, breakage, scratch marks, dents, chip marks & general cleanliness.

Flooring (all kinds):
We will be checking for scrapes, scratches, stains, burn marks, shading & general cleanliness.

Carpets & Rugs:
We will be checking for soiling, burn marks, stains, general cleanliness & any other obvious damage.

We will be checking for stains, discolouration, rips, burn marks & general cleanliness.

Towels / Bed linen/ Throws or similar items:
We will be checking for soiling, burn marks, shading, rips & general cleanliness.

We will be checking for soiling, cleanliness & any other obvious damage.

We will be checking for non-maintained fencing or bordering, patio condition, lawn condition, general cleanliness & any other obvious damage.

The tenancy agreement may state the keeping of house pets in the property. Any damage, soiling or scratching will be reported.

The property should be maintained to its original condition after the tenancy is completed otherwise charges will be occurred. This may require interior repairs, fabric cleaning and professional cleaning. All items should be replaced to their original position in order to avoid any delays or confusion.