Set up your tenancy correctly

Statistics show that if things are done correctly at the start of the tenancy then there will be less problems at the end.

At Emphasis Inventories we take immense pride in our work, our inventory experts will inspect your property and create a detailed and accurate report based on the condition and it's contents. We spend time with your tenants explaining the whole process and answering any question which may arise.

We are not just there at the start but can be with you throughout the tenancy, our office team are all fully trained inventory clerks and are happy help with any questions either you or your tenants may have.

At the end of the tenancy we will complete the check out report which compares the property to the condition stated in the inventory, we place helpful recommendations to guide you through any deposit deductions and are always at hand should you need advice.

All items thoroughly checked

Our inventory experts will thoroughly inspect each item and accurately record the condition

Photographs taken throughout

High definition photographs taken of all items including serial numbers where visible

Fire labels recorded

Furniture items will be thoroughly checked with fire labels recorded where appropriate

Linen items counted

Linen items will be counted and inspected, items will be listed as laundered if applicable

Meter readings taken

Meter readings will be accurately recorded and photographed at the time of check in / check out

Smoke alarms tested

Smoke alarms & heat alarms will be accurately recorded and tested in front of your tenants

Here to help

Below are some questions and answers you may find useful

An independent inventory will be your best defence should your property or any of it's contents get damaged throughout the tenancy. It will be relied upon to resolve any disputes.
We usually like to make the inventory approximately an hour and a half (depending on the size of the property) before the tenants are due to check in to the property.
The inventory report records all items in the property. A check in report is done if there is already an inventory in place and would be a separate document updating the condition at the time of check in.
For an average 2 bedroom property our clerks will spend approximately an hour and a half at the property.
No, our clerks are very happy to collect the keys from an agency and hand them over to the tenant when finished.
Our clerks will take a full photographic library of your property, on an average 2 bedroom furnished property we usually take over 150 photographs.
There is a disclaimer on the report which states that it is taken as agreed if not signed within 7 days, however we have a useful tool where both yourself and your tenant can digitally sign the report.